Black Girls| White Boys



Hubby and I just before lunch at Blue Bayou. We had such an amazing time yesterday! Special shout out to everyone that came and made the disneybound meetup a huge success! Pics from the meetup coming soon!

SQUEE I love this


Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at the 85th annual Oscars


Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at the 85th annual Oscars


they look so cute together!




Read that comment. Somebody find me a him please. 

Found this while trolling Takishahair on twitter (Kerry’s hair stylist)

Olivia and Fitz are getting a run for their money. 


I didn’t know she was married!! I must say, she got her nice piece of man there. And his response to her tweet is just…too beautiful for words.


she better cuff her man!

I’m a black girl who’s really attracted to white guys and I go to a predominately white school & the white boys here just evoke this instantaneous feeling of attraction. My friends tell me that it’s because I grew up in an area that wasn’t predominately white and so that guys of that race are new to me.

I think it’s more than that. Like with this one guy that I just so happen to have a slight crush on, I’m able to flirt and really be myself. At first I was really shy & giddy around him but, now I’m actually interacting & I can’t really tell if he’s flirting back or if it’s all in my head. I wish there was some way to know. & then I have the fear that he doesn’t date black girls (which would totally suck)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that your blog gives me hope. Thanks