Black Girls| White Boys

This is my friend Sydne and the love of her life Alex. 

imageChandler and I took some professional photos together and we had a blast! They came out great! Chandler and I took some professional photos and I loved all them.

mermaidofdirection asked:

You said you were in a Bwwm relationship, how did you two become a couple? I find it hard to find a white guy to date, since I dint think they like me :( But how did your relationship begin and end?

We were classmates, then friends, and then it naturally happened. We worked on schoolwork a lot and one day he kissed me. I liked it. lol. And it ended well too. We grew apart and no longer suited each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. We are still great friends though. Virtually perfect relationship.

mermaidofdirection asked:

Hey! I was just wondering what inspired you to make this blog? Btw I love it and find it really encouraging.

Hi! At the time, I saw a lot of interracial relationships on the site, which I enjoyed, but not too many focused solely on Black Women in Love…and in particular, which white men. I didn’t want it to seem as though BWWM relationships are so rare that we are “lucky” to be in one.

Plus i was in a BWWM relationship at the time.



Hubby and I just before lunch at Blue Bayou. We had such an amazing time yesterday! Special shout out to everyone that came and made the disneybound meetup a huge success! Pics from the meetup coming soon!

SQUEE I love this


Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at the 85th annual Oscars


Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at the 85th annual Oscars


they look so cute together!




Read that comment. Somebody find me a him please. 

Found this while trolling Takishahair on twitter (Kerry’s hair stylist)

Olivia and Fitz are getting a run for their money. 


I didn’t know she was married!! I must say, she got her nice piece of man there. And his response to her tweet is just…too beautiful for words.