Black Girls| White Boys

this movie was one of my favorites =)

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- Are you black?

Yep! lol (and im a girl too…haha)

- Are you in a IR relationship?

When I started the blog i wasnt, but now i am dating a really awesome guy.

-How did you meet him and who approached who?

In class when i decided to switch my major and we generally realized that we found each other awesome…too awesome to be just friends.

-Do you follow back?

Depends on the content, I will follow you back on my personal blog (which i dont post on here)

-Are any of these pictures of you?

Nope. So far, for the exception of admitting im black and in a bwwm relationship, i try to keep this about the subject and not about “me”. Its more fun that way!


- When do you accept posts?

24 hours, 7 days a week.

- Does the post have to be of me?

Nope! It can be photos you find on the internet, photos of your friend, or a fictional couple from TV, movies, etc

-Do I have to be dating the guy to post a picture?

Naw! You can post a photograph of you and a friend!

- How long does it take before you post a submission?

24-28 Hours. Normally about no later than 12 hours after its submitted though. I check my inbox daily for all my blogs.

-Do you answer all questions?

Yep! I post the answers on the blog though, so if you want to speak to me personally, please indicate that.

-Can I post something other than a photo?

Sure! Articles on Interracial Dating, Videos, etc are ALL welcomed!

-Can I post more than one photo/video?

Yes….in fact I encourage it!


I like this guy a lot. How can I get a white guy to notice me?

I wish there was a sure answer to this, but white/black/asian/hispanic/etc, boys are BOYS. There is no answer…so just be yourself! :)

Nick Collison & wife Robbie Harriford at their wedding.

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I know it’s a fictional couple, but does it still count?

I know it’s a fictional couple, but does it still count?

Twin sisters marrying twin brothers…

This is the back story to the post you made a couple of weeks back. One of my friend’s posted this on my wall. I knew it would make a huge splash in the IR community…¬†



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NBA player Nick Collison & his wife Robbie Harriford on their wedding day.

this is TOO cute for me