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rest in peace donna.

rest in peace donna.

hellomonniiica asked:

I love your blog :)

Thank you :)

It is true

I find I have a chemistry with black women, their humour, outlook on life and sincerity, I just feel totally comfortable in their presence. I am not saying that they are “better” in any way, I just find them utterly entrancing. On the physical plane, they are simply beautiful. I had one, long term black girlfriend and her kisses are yet to be matched by anyone. Her touch was exquisite. I miss her still all these years on. IR love is as real as any, and I’ve never felt anything like it since. One day, who knows.

alwaysbewoke asked:

I got a question for you but before I get to it, let me first say that I'm a Black man who believes in interracial dating when done right. So my question to you is how do you "help" young black girls and ladies who are attracted to whites because they've fallen for the media scam that all Black men are to be feared? Girls and ladies who are engaged in a form of self hatred? Clearly I'm not asking you to become a therapist but I for one am always careful to preach that we deeply examine motive.


If you see my responses, I encourage women to date to find love. Not purposely seek out white males or ANY race in particular. One thing you wont catch me doing is saying “Black men aint shit” because my step father, grandfather, uncle, cousins and brother are ALL GREAT black men who have molded me into the woman I am today, along with the women in my family/life.

I get several “ugh I hate black men, this blog is the best” responses a DAY that I dont post because this blog promotes LOVE in general.

I have dated several black men and have had enjoyable experiences. I am in an IR relationship now, but that doesnt mean that my experience in one belittles my experiences with black men. Black women and men are queens and kings in my opinion.

I started this blog for the woman who believed that they will never be attractive to another race. We as black women are often regarded as sex kittens with an uncontrollable sexual urge or as easily discarded, worthless and uneducated human beings. If a woman who follows me has self hatred problems, i encourage them to seek out help and seek what makes them feel that way. However, I personally am not equipped to help them. I am also not here to encourage women to leave their black men and date white men. I am just here showing a different image of what society and the media wants you to see…that black women are desirable by more than their black men.

Hope I answered this correctly.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! so first off i love this blog so much! i'm a 17 year old black girl and i've never had a boyfriend or been kissed (sad i know.. haha) and i'm naturally attracted to white guys. i'm kinda scared that white guys aren't attracted to me because they are scared that i'm black. idk really what to think honestly. could it be that being black is intimidating to them? i'm starting college in the fall so i'm hoping i'll be able to find more forward and open minded guys. thanks for the help!

I was talking with my soror who has a white boyfriend (we are the only two in the chapter lol)  and we did discuss that we have learned a lot of white men are sometimes nervous and maybe too intimidated by black women. Dont walk around with that mindset though. I went from a HUGE city thats really diverse to a small town college, so people were actually LESS open minded. But i still managed to get in an IR relationship lol. My response is: there’s hope!

Just go to school, join orgs, meet new people, make good grades and live.

The love will flow into your life naturally.


Anonymous asked:

hey so i'm a black girl, 17 years old and i am more attracted to white and asian guys. I'm not writing off black guys, but i haven't really found myself liking one. but whenever i mention this to my friends they always give me weird looks and the way they respond its kind of like "good luck finding a white/asian guy to date you" and that hurts and sometimes i feel like i should just settle with a black guy.

Dont think of dating a black man as settling. I love IR relationships, but that doesnt mean I am against or opposed to dating a black man. The goal of love is to find someone who loves you as much as you love them and someone who makes you better. Someone you enjoy spending time with. So if a guy makes you feel that way, regardless of race, go for HIM.

Dont worry about your “friends”. That was sketchy of them to say. I wish you the best in love.