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Two photos of myself and my ex. We’re still friends now, but there isn’t a day when I don’t miss him.

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My boyfriend Jeff and I..Wow have we been through a lot! but it’s all worth it for moments like that.

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A followup to a great picture of mike and patricia’s wedding.

Ndaya & Nathaniel

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Anonymous asked:

i want to be in a interracial relationship (i'm a girl), i don't find guys of my own race (black) attractive. mainly because they've put me down for being "white" because i hate rap and rnb music and because my ears are stretched (even though they aren't big at all). the only problem is i live in the south and when i mean the south i mean the part that is still very much racist and close minded about everything. my friend said it'll get better when i move to nashville but i highly doubt it.

Im southern and live in a VERY small texas town so I can relate there. Let me say that I personally know plenty of black men who have stretched ears, and dont listen to rap or r&b. So never shut out a race based on generalizations love.

2) Bigger cities (even in the south) are MUCH more tolerant of interracial dating so your friend might be on to something.

For now I would just chill and let someone approach you. :)

Anonymous asked:

I really like a white boy,but I'm shy around him :/ I don't know what to do :( Help me please x

relax. and I TRY TO STRESS THIS: dont look at him as a WHITE boy, just look at him as a boy you like. Race is irrelevant