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Lonnie and Charles 

I am not ready for you to deploy but I know that we will make it babes (:

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Prom 2014 :]

Prom 2014 :) 

Anthony and Kenia♥ three years

Anthony and Kenia♥ three years

Anonymous asked:

Hi I recently went out and met a guy who I'm interested in.. he is white but i do not know if he has dated black girls.. I would like to know ho I should move forward in approaching him...

It doesn’t matter if he’s dated black girls before-he went on a date with you. I hope that you guys are in contact and just let him know you had a great time and would like to meet again.

annarotica asked:

How do I submit?

i think there is a submit link on the page. 


Anonymous asked:

I wish you post more. Why don't you try match making. i think you would be good at.

Im going to be honest with you- I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with this blog because i get SOOOOO many posts that bash black men while praising white men or i get people asking why white men don’t pay attention to them and they would do anything for a white man to love them.

I find those posts and the people who submit them extremely disgusting. White men are not some trophy prize that somehow completes you or makes you a better person and regardless of preference, there are plenty of black men that are awesome. Just because they aren’t your type doesn’t mean you should bash them.

Ive struggled for about a year with deleting this blog and im leaning more and more towards it each day.